The One Social Media Expert Whose Opinion REALLY Matters

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I've been blogging a long time. So for the past several years, I have attended conferences and read everything I could about how to get followers and how to market myself on social media. And now that I provide social media marketing services for clients, I read even more blog posts and ebooks about how to get more Twitter followers, when to post on Facebook, how to maximize email marketing, and the list goes on. I've joined LinkedIn groups and Google Plus and various membership sites. … [Read more...]

No, Social Media Doesn’t Drive Sales…but that’s not the point | Tara Hunt

  But why pay for marketing when the results aren’t guaranteed? Because, like I said before, there are hundreds of ways your future customers will find you (or not find you) and it’s better to be findable than not. And good marketing means that you will be more findable AND have more credibility (if the branding is done right) when people do find you. And all of that helps with what you want: sales. Read the rest here: No, Social Media Doesn’t Drive Sales…but that’s not the point | … [Read more...]